Learn how to control a physical pixel (RGB LED) using electronics:
sensor, motor, logic gate, oscillator and microcontroller.

The workshop aims to assist visual designers to create beyond the pages and screens. Six hours intensive session will be divided between lecture and hands on experiments, and no prior experience is required. Lecture will introduce basic electronics and pulse width modulation. Hands on exercises will be a chance to become familiar with three kinds of DC motors:
brushed, servo and stepper.

While all material will be provided, we encourage you to bring your laptop. breadboard, soldering iron and other items listed on the Bill of Material.


Taeyoon Choi is a media artist based in New York and Seoul who is curious about how things work. He built autonomous protesting robots during Occupy Wall Street, staged noise concert at the IKEA mega store in Sweden by motorizing items on display, among other interventions in the public space. This year, he presented new works ‘Noise Collector’ at 319 Scholes, ‘Speakers’ Corners’ at Eyebeam and ‘Anti-Manifesto’ at Shanghai Biennale. Open pedagogy is an important part of his practice and he has been teaching ‘Open Hardware for Artists’ at The Public School New York.

FREE. This workshop is supported by Math Practice.
Public reception at 7pm with refreshments.
Seating is limited. RSVP with your contact information taeyoon@eyebeam.org